John Warfield Exhibit

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Participants at a Naval Surface Weapons Center Interactive Management session observe questions presented on the large screen computer display.

Alexander Christakis, Director of the Center for Interactive Management, leads an IM session in 1984 with the Naval Surface Weapons Center.

A typical computer generated question is projected on a large screen television monitor during a 1984 IM workshop with the Naval Surface Weapons Center.

This 1961 letter from John C. Johnson, Director of the Ordnance Research Laboratory at Penn State, discusses the possibility of a return to the university. In goes into great detail on the goals and functions of the Ordnance Research Laboratory.

This 1951 letter from Ordnance Research Laboratory Personnel Director Arnold Addison is one of a number of such exchanges he had with Warfield during this period. Note that he references Secretary of Defense Robert Lovett as someone keenly interested…

Warfield did research work at Penn State for the military. In this 1955 report published by the Navy Department's Ordnance Research Laboratory, Warfield provides suggestions for effective methods to manage systems.