John Warfield Exhibit

First Patent: Electronic Goniometer

In addition to defense research, Warfield engaged in more conventional research while working on his free summers as a professor. One of these positions was at Wilcox Electronics, where he produced a number of patent applications for electronic circuitry inventions. His first approved patent was for a "Double Bridge Network for Producing Signals Having a Modulation Envelope Phase Difference," also known as "Electronic Goniometer." A goniometer is a device used to measure angles precisely. This patent was submitted in May 1965, and approved in June 1967.


Second Patent: Digital Squelch System

Warfield's second approved patent was also originated while working for Wilcox Electronics. Filed in 1966, and approved in 1969, it was for a "Digital Squelch System." A third patent submitted by Warfield while at Wilcox, for "Improving the Spectral Purity of Transmitted Signals," was never approved.