John Warfield Exhibit

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Warfield participates in an unidentified IM workshop.

Warfield and his wife Rose, on a picnic at Black Moshannon Lake in Pennsylvania, in the summer of 1950.

In this undated photo, Warfield poses at a desk in an office.

Participants in a February 1971 Systems Engineering Worshop, held at a Battelle facility in Seattle, pose for a photo. Warfield is seated at far right, the third person in from the right side of the photo.

Warfield poses for a studio portrait while at Penn State, in 1950.

Warfield poses with a piece of computing equipment at the Penn State Computer Laboratory.

Warfield poses for a studio portrait in Columbia, MO, in 1947.

Initiates of the engineering honor society Eta Kappa Nu at the University of Missouri in 1947. Warfield is in the back row, third from the right.

Warfield poses here in 1931 with a teacher. The photo appeared in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article about the boy.

A photograph of Warfield taken when he was 14 or 15 years old, living in Sullivan, MO.

A 1992 photograph of one of Warfield's childhood homes in Sullivan, MO.

This 2000 paper by Warfield attempts to boil down his 32 years of research into 6 short pages.

Warfield was given the 1977 Outstanding Contribution Award by the Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society, part of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Warfield's 2007 resume boasts 41 pages of jobs, publications, seminars, and awards.

This 1992 problematique for a Ford Motor Company IM session on their Analytical Powertrain project was part of a longer report on the results of the session.

This syllabus for a 1981 course at the University of Virginia reflects Warfield's growing focus on Systems Science.

This Fall 1975 test is for an advanced course in Electrical Engineering at the University of Virginia, taught by Warfield.

This 11 page document sets goals for the Center for Interactive Management at the University of Virginia, and establishes benchmarks to measure success.

This brief document announced the upcoming Center for Interactive Planning and and Design at the University of Virginia.

This 1968 photo shows Warfield at the blackboard leading a discussion on a Battelle project for the Ohio Department of Education. Others in the photo include: G. Rosinger, H. Samuels, B. Fletcher, B. Vaigin, B. Gordon, K. Connell, R. Byers, D.…

This patent, Warfield's second, was also known as a "digital goniometer."

This tri-folded brochure was used to market the virtues of Interactive Management to business managers and executives.

This short 1981 publication details the basics of the Interactive Management approach to solving problems.

This six page document lists out details of Interactive Management projects conducted by the Center for Interactive Management between 1983 and 1988.

Participants at a Naval Surface Weapons Center Interactive Management session observe questions presented on the large screen computer display.