John Warfield Exhibit

The Center for Interactive Management worked successfully with a number of public and private organizations throughout the 1980's. Located just outside of Washington D.C., the Center was ideally suited to network with important figures in the nation's government. But personal networking was not enough, during an era of rapid economic growth, and the growing use of technology to connect organizations.

A number of different modes of advertising were used to get the message of Interactive Management out to the world. The ability to produce professional looking video presentations was becoming widely available, and the CIM took advantage of this. This 1989 video, narrated by Dr. Benjamin Broome, showcases the value of Interactive Management to leaders in organizations confronting complex problems. Dr. Alexander (Aleco) Christakis can be seen facilitating IM sessions. Warfield can be seen in the various IM sessions, and interjects to provide input at 7:10 of this video. This video provides not only working examples of IM sessions, but a solid overview of the entire IM process.