John Warfield Exhibit

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Warfield participates in an unidentified IM workshop.

This 1992 problematique for a Ford Motor Company IM session on their Analytical Powertrain project was part of a longer report on the results of the session.

This 11 page document sets goals for the Center for Interactive Management at the University of Virginia, and establishes benchmarks to measure success.

This brief document announced the upcoming Center for Interactive Planning and and Design at the University of Virginia.

This tri-folded brochure was used to market the virtues of Interactive Management to business managers and executives.

This short 1981 publication details the basics of the Interactive Management approach to solving problems.

This six page document lists out details of Interactive Management projects conducted by the Center for Interactive Management between 1983 and 1988.

Participants at a Naval Surface Weapons Center Interactive Management session observe questions presented on the large screen computer display.

Two soldiers hold a conversation during an Interactive Management workshop.

This excerpt from a longer report details the conclusions of an Interactive Management workshop held in 1997 in Ghana, with direction from Warfield.

This problematique describing contributing factors to gender perceptions and abuse in Liberia was created by The Jeffrey Group, utilizing Interactive Management techniques.

In 2002, an Interactive Management workshop was held in India to consider problems of splintered factions of society and resulting acts of violence.

In 2008, students from Taiwan sent an elaborate framed memento to Warfield as a way to thank him for developing Interactive Management. (Note: due to privacy concerns, the contact email information has been removed from this image).

Participants work on individual assignments during an Interactive Management for Ford Motor Company in 1994.

Alexander Christakis, Director of the Center for Interactive Management, leads an IM session in 1984 with the Naval Surface Weapons Center.

Warfield points to a problematique posted on the wall of a 1993 Ford Motor Company Interactive Management workshop.

This letter from a local United Way chapter speaks glowingly of a recently completed Interactive Management workshop.

This 1985 photo shows the specially constructed Demosophia - the Interactive Management Situation Room - at George Mason University, in Thompson Hall.

Problematique output from 1995 IM session with SRA for DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency).

A three-dimensional computer rendering of the Demosophia at Southwest Fisheries Science Center, used for Interactive Management workshops.

This 1998 plan for an expanded IM workspace at Ford was never constructed. Cost was estimated at $3.3 million.

A typical computer generated question is projected on a large screen television monitor during a 1984 IM workshop with the Naval Surface Weapons Center.

Ben Broome and a colleague man laptops in a 1995 IM session with SRA International on behalf of DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency).

Warfield signs an agreement with the Central University of Ecuador and Ecuadorian researchers to explore Interactive Management solutions to problems with Ecuador's economy. Shown in this photo are:

Seated (L-R): John Warfield, Tiberio…

This 1985 plan shows the layout of the "Demosophia," the situation room for Interactive Management, located at George Mason University.