John Warfield Exhibit

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Warfield poses with a piece of computing equipment at the Penn State Computer Laboratory.

Participants at a Naval Surface Weapons Center Interactive Management session observe questions presented on the large screen computer display.

This 1953 photo shows John Warfield with colleagues at the "Short Course on Design of Digital Control Circuits" in Murray Hill, N.J. Warfield is in the third row, fourth from the right.

A typical computer generated question is projected on a large screen television monitor during a 1984 IM workshop with the Naval Surface Weapons Center.

Southwest Marine Fisheries Center IM session on or before Feb 1990. Program Planning and Evaluation Officer David Mackett can be seen facilitating.

Ben Broome and a colleague man laptops in a 1995 IM session with SRA International on behalf of DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency).

A letter from IBM speaks to the use of ISM in the corporation, and its value in group problem solving.

This early computer punch card shows the results of Warfield's 1947 Graduate Record Examination. He scored a 740 on the Advanced Test in Mathematics, placing him above the 98% of all test takers.

The Interactive Management process is comprised of 5 distinct components, seen in this diagram. The drawing is taken from 1985's "A Course in Generic Design."

This 1973 sketch shows the interaction between humans and digital computers, to be used in the Interpretive Structural Modeling process devised by Warfield.

This excerpt from a larger volume shows Fortran code developed for the Interpretive Structural Modeling process. These pages of code show subroutines for displaying relationships and questions on session monitors.

Warfield was one of the chief designers of the PENNSTAC computer in the 1950's. Here, on a visit to the Penn State Campus in 1973, he poses with the computer - no longer in service, and housed as museum piece on campus.

This Battelle photograph shows Warfield (seated, far left) conducting an Interpretive Structural Modeling session sometime on or before 1974. Note the computer terminals on the tables.

This one page excerpt is from a large binder of computing materials related to the PENNSTAC computer project at Penn State in the 1950's. Note that the diagram has been approved and initialed by Warfield.

Warfield (rear) and colleague H.I. Tarpley appeared on the cover of the Summer 1954 edition of Pennsylvania State University Engineering Review. In the photo, they are working with pioneering early computing equipment.

Warfield examines compares computer equipment with a text book at the Penn State Computer Laboratory, Spring 1954.